Need Tickets for UFC 132 in Las Vegas?

By Paul Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well if you've never treated yourself to a live UFC event in Las Vegas, you're really missing out. It's honestly the most memorable live event experience of my life.  The crowd is electric and filled with ridiculously hot women. Not to mention the raw power of a live fight.

For my first event I was worried about two things, would I be able to see anything and would I be able to afford it. The two go hand in hand, spend a little more see a lot more. I've been to events all over the west, but when I go to Las Vegas and I want good cheap UFC Tickets, I go to Vegas Tickets. You'll get great value and a wide selection of locations...personally I recommend level 200 tickets on the same side as the walk-ins. The views in the cage are great and you get to see the pre-fight emotions of the fighters.

You hear fighters pimping their "after parties" and maybe think...lame....Hell no! They're awesome, the fighters are there, Dana's there, even Rogan and you can talk them all up, buy them a drink, and if you're lucky maybe even offer Arianny Celeste one.

Once you're done with the UFC experience don't forget other events like the PBR Las Vegas (Not the beer you fool) the Pro Bull Riders World finals. There's also an endless array of classic Las Vegas Shows like Penn and Teller, The Blue Man, Chris Angel, or what ever floats your boat. It Las Vegas treat yourself and let loose!
Desert Dog

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