BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz Betting Odds for UFC 137

By Paul Saturday, October 29, 2011
BJ Penn (-140) vs Nick Diaz (+120) at UFC 137 Weigh-Ins
This is the type of fight that I like to see the weigh-in before I make a pick. BJ Penn went from buddy to bully yesterday.  I don't care why he did it, it fired both of them up and they both need animosity to fight at their best.  I Think Diaz was suprised and will be more affected. He also be more likely to fall into BJ's fight plan.

In several interviews Nick guessed at BJ's fight strategy. "He'll come with the right hand and look to clinch and take it to the ground." In terms of striking BJ has a speed and technical advantage, while Nick has reach and efficiency. Both have great chins and enough power to do real damage - BJ has more one punch power, but it's close to sixes.

If BJ does take it to the ground he's got a significant advantage in top control. Nick has an excellent guard and won't be submitted but BJ would rack up sufficient points to take a decision.  If Penn can out wrestle someone like Jon Fitch, he can control Diaz on the ground. The question is will that be Penn's strategy or does he want to try to win on his feet. I see this as BJ's fight to control the answer to his strategy will be revealed in 12 hours.

The best news is that these two are coming to fight and the dash of anger thrown in last night can only make this a better fight for us all.

Pick:  BJ Penn via Decision
Bets:  Penn to win $140 to win $100 (-140 at BetOnline)
          Over 2.5 rounds $210 to winn $100 (-220 at BetOnline)

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