This card is filled with names that most of us can't put with a face, so I put up a reminder. Mayhem Miller vs Bisping is the reason most folks will be watching this event, but for sports bettors there are some interesting values to look at. Don't go crazy with the underdog bets, make sure you have one or two solid anchor bets and use 2/3rds of your probable winnings to bet on the dogs.

Jason "Mayhem" Miller (+165) vs Michael Bisping (-175)
Miller hasn't seen enough action in the last two years to have a good feel for how competative this fight will be. With Bisping fully embracing the role of UFC dick many will be making the emotional pick of Miller, but for myself I'm just watching this one with my fingers crossed that Mayhem is going to be a new player in the division.

Pick: Miller via...I'll take anything

Tony Ferguson (-300) vs Yves Edwards (+270)
Probably the top dog value on the card. First, like most vetran MMA fans, Yves is one of my favorites.  That does not change his value in this fight. On the down side is his age and the fact that he got royally cracked 2 fights ago against Stout. The upside is huge though, experience, speed, power, Thugjitsu, and he TKO'd his last opponent. Ferguson has looked very good and determined in his last 2 fights, but he has never faced someone this cagey. Yves Edwards as a 3-1 underdog can't be passed up.

Pick:  Edwards via TKO
T. J. Dillashaw (-200) vs John Dodson (+180)
Agian Dillashaw is a highly overvalued fighter in this match up. Most are touting TJ's training with team Alpha Male and forgeting that he has only 4 fights. Strangely, most are ignoring that Dodson has 17 fights over 8 years and has trained with Greg Jackson for 10 years. Dodson showed great wrestling defense and the ability to finish fights with serious power for the division.  Dillashaw has shown the ability to wrestle people to death, but that style never warrents 2-1 favorite.

Pick: Dodson via TKO

Diego Brando (-240) vs Dennis Bermudez (+290)
Bermudez may not be afraid of Diego, but I am, dude's a killer.  Brando also trains with Greg Jackson along with Dodson. He is also a fiery emotional fighter, that can be good or bad. Any time he senses weakness he goes nuts, it leaves openings. Bermudez showed he could weather storms and gut his way through some tough fights, but in this one his chin will let him down. If it does hit the ground don't forget Diego is a BJJ blackbelt. There's just isn't anywhere Dennis has an advantage.

Pick:  Brando via KO

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