MMA – Popularity and Following

By Paul Monday, May 07, 2012
MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), and in particular the UFC (Ultimate Fight Championship), has a huge following, not only in the United States, but also worldwide. The intense following of the sport is unimaginable; the Internet is chock-full of sites that not only discuss the art of MMA, but that sell products, list events, and predict winners of the upcoming events. One MMA news site has a facebook following of over 32,000!

Even though the May 5, 2012 UFC Fox 3 fight card held no title bouts, there was still intense speculation on the fights, in particular Jim Miller vs. Nate Diaz (the main card). A lightweight fight that combined heavy boxing skills (Diaz) against expertise takedown wrestling skills (Miller). Diaz soundly trounced Miller for the win.

For those that think these competitions are totally safe, or ‘faked’, think again. Immediately following the UFC Fox 3 on May 5 the New Jersey Athletic Control Board issued fourteen medical suspensions out of the twenty-four fighters on the card. The suspensions ranged from 30 days to ‘indefinite’. (Neither Miller or Diaz were affected.)

As you can imagine, the rise in popularity of the sport brings with it thousands of aspiring MMA/UFC fighters. There are three things that are crucial for any MMA fighter to be successful; extreme strength (both physical and mental), extreme training and discipline.

Most successful MMA fighters began training in either boxing or some form of martial art at a young age and then branched out to another style to become adept at mixed martial arts.

If one is just beginning their training, the cost is relatively inexpensive; workout shorts and shirt, and a pair of cheap boxing gloves will suffice. However, if the aspiring fighter is ready to begin training for MMA competitions the cost is much higher because they will need a specific MMA gym, a coach and mandated workout attire, not to mention the time it will take.

NOTE: Make sure to choose, and use, the correct boxing gloves for training. At a minimum you will need heavy bag boxing gloves, and boxing gloves for sparing.
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