Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen Stare Down
Silva and Sonnen Best of Friends
You gotta love angry fights!. Chael gets under your skin like a ring worm, but it keeps us all watching. Not to mention the occasional gem like his "Brazilians are something a stripper gets!" T-shirt. I would never say something like that, but I will laugh at the ridiculous.

As you would imagine Anderson Silva is the favorite in the second fight and the reasons are the same. Anderson will find a way to win and Chael will find a way to choke...or be choked as it were.

At -300 Silva is a better value than he was in their last meeting at UFC 117. I will place a straight bet on him and add him to at least one parlay.

As for the rest of the fights, I think Cung Lee and Demian Maia are the best underdog values. Lee's opponent, Patrick Cote hasn't fought in the UFC since 2010 and hasn't had a win there since 2008. Maia's opponent on the other hand is very solid but he's facing and a great submission specialist with newly found boxing and Maia has stepped down in weight.

Speaking of stepping down in weight Cody McKenzie has dropped to featherweight to give Chad Mendes a very different fight than he was initially looking toward.  This is actually an interesting long-shot underdog play for those with a little cash to risk. 5 Dimes has McKenzie a nearly 5 to 1 dog (+485). Now everyone know what Cody does, guillotine, but he's still 13-2, taller by a foot, and now in a reasonable weight class. He will take many on the chin for a shot at the sub and it likely won't happen, but with $50 bucks on it you'll find yourself cheering for the scrappy bag of bones! 

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