Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz Fight Picks and Analysis

By Paul Monday, January 26, 2015
We'll be needing a new stat for this fight "significant mocking". I suspect no matter how much Silva's trainers tell him to fight focused and not play around, it will be like telling a dog to leave his own balls alone. Sorry, no can do. Diaz, of course knows nothing else.

This is a fascinating match up. When have you ever seen two fighters who are both relentless taunters that still engage. Silva uses movement and powerful counter strikes, sprinkled with Ali style taunting. Nick piles on the punches (highest volume ever in the UFC) and takes whatever his opponent deals out with a "WTF was that weak ass shit"!?

How does Anderson Silva win this fight? I can hear your answers already... "any way he wants"! If the Spider returns as the pre-Weidman man we all remember, that statement could well be true, but it's no short order. Diaz' only TKO loss was due to a cut and he's never been submitted. Diaz is a tough SOB and to say he has stamina is huge understatement.

The other side of the coin, how does Nick win? His typical win is the endless avalanche of punches that eventually buries his opponent by either late TKO or decision. Being a 5-round fight could play into his favor. I don't think he can finish Silva on his feet, but he could definitely outpace him for five rounds.

Distance will be the key to this fight. I think Anderson's size and speed will allow him to control where the fight happens. Nick will keep getting pissed, move into barrages of counter strikes only to find Silva shuffling around the cage and winning both the taunting match and the fight. One other item to consider, Anderson can and has fought successfully at 205 lbs. For Diaz, making 185 lbs is almost requires no cut. Anderson is probably the post precise a deadly striker in the division; at his best he's truly the pound for pound number one.

Silva is the highest priced ($11,900) fighter on the draft card, but at less than 12K you can fit him into several appealing line ups.
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