The table below is a breakdown of each fighters salary, the fantasy points scored, and the value of those points relative to your salary cap. This is a primer on how the scoring worked out for MMA Daily Fantasy teams (for you and me). This is very new in terms of zoning in on the types of fights and outcomes that build points. For example the two fighters bringing in the highest point totals had completely different fights and outcomes. First, Evan Dunham scored 103 points in a 3 round decision, by throwing a ridiculous 152 significant strikes (SS). In contrast, Shawn Jordan only needed 12 SS to score a first round knockout and 109 points.

My initial strategy was to pick each fight and then determine the probability of either a finish or a high output performance. Heavyweights and L. Heavyweights are more likely to see an early stoppage; while high output fighters are found in every weight class. Jon Jones is a great example of a fighter who should almost never be faded. Jones will be in 5-round fights, when he finishes it's early, and when he goes the distance he typically has over 100 SS, several other scores, and the win bonus.

My total points goal for an MMA Fantasy team is 325, that should put me in the money for most events. To achieve this with a $50,000 salary cap and 5 fighters, I want to pay on average $153 per point and get an average of 65 points per fighter. Sounds simple enough and for most of the fights on the UFC 182 card things were fairly predictable. I did not think Cerrone would spend a whole round on Jury's back controlling things, but scoring very few points, and I didn't expect an awesome spinning backfist Knockout by Felder. I did think Jordan was likely to get an early finish, but didn't expect Horiguchi to be quite so tentative for the full three rounds.

In the end, you will need to pick winners. Typically 2 favorites and 3 dogs. The top score from the $25,000 Guillotine event was 436 points from Dunham, Jordan, Felder, Garbrandt, and Tavares. You may never get 5 cherries like that but even with only 3 of your 5 fighters winning and the other two putting in a respectable showing (ie. Cormier, or Burkman) you could break 300 points and have been in the top 10% of most games. If you play a lot (grinders) you'll be focused on head 2 head or 50/50 games and these respectable point totals will provide a great ROI.

As new events come up I will be reviewing the bouts with respect to how they play in fantasy drafts...Because it's the only legal game in town and I love playing for money. I'll still be looking for value in each fight, except now I need more than just the "W".

UFC 182 Fighters SALARY Event PPG $ / Point Win Lose Points Breakdown
Daniel Cormier $9,600 31.0 $309.68 L 58 SS, 1 TD
Jon Jones $11,700 77.0 $151.95 W 92 SS, 3 TD, 1 WBD
Myles Jury $8,800 9.5 $926.32 L 15 SS, 1 TD
Donald Cerrone $11,000 49.5 $222.22 W 37 SS, 2 ADVC, 1 TD, 1 REV, 1 WBD
Brad Tavares $9,300 52.0 $178.85 W 50 SS, 1 TD, 1 WBD
Nate Marquardt $10,500 15.0 $700.00 L 30 SS
Louis Gaudinot $7,900 11.5 $686.96 L 23 SS
Kyoji Horiguchi $12,000 49.0 $244.90 W 44 SS, 1 TD, 1 WBD
Hector Lombard $12,100 57.5 $210.43 W 53 SS, 2 ADVC, 2 TD, 1 WBD
Josh Burkman $7,700 21.0 $366.67 L 42 SS,
Danny Castillo $10,900 10.5 $1,038.10 L 21 SS
Paul Felder $9,000 89.5 $100.56 W 33 SS, 1 KD, 1 2rW
Marcus Brimage $11,000 12.5 $880.00 L 25 SS
Cody Garbrandt $8,700 82.5 $105.45 W 49 SS, 1 TD, 2 KD, 1 3rW
Shawn Jordan $11,000 109.0 $100.92 W 12 SS, 1 KD, 1rW
Jared Cannonier $8,900 5.0 $1,780.00 L 10 SS
Rodrigo Damm $8,000 23.5 $340.43 L 47 SS
Evan Dunham $11,800 103.0 $114.56 W 152 SS, 1 TD, 1WBD

Desert Dog

I have followed the UFC for over 10 years, written as a handicapper, and spent my spare time as an online poker grinder. Unfortunately, I ran out of legal wagering options...Thank god for Daily Fantasy Sports and the much needed addition of MMA drafts. I offer my insight into MMA fight handicapping and fight analysis for the purpose of making some dough at DFS!

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