UFC Ring Girls May as Well Be Naked and Free Daily Fantasy Contests

By Paul Monday, September 12, 2016
Boobs and free stuff ! That seems to be the recipe for getting everyone's attention. Draft Kings is running a lot of  Free Contests with the return of Professional Football. They send out the links a few days before so you need to be quick to get in under the gun. They are all football all contests, but I trust that as sports fans you don't just watch fights. By the way you can enter both of these contests.

If you aren't a player at Draft Kings yet, you will also get a matching bonus and a free $2 entry on top of these contests. Existing players may also enter these free promo contests.

First the Free Contests:

$100,000 Fantasy Football ($1,000 top prize - Top 37,400 paid)

Now Bring on the UFC Ring Girls:
more of her @AriannyCeleste
So good 
Brazil's best @LucianaAndrade

@jhennyandrade10 is just silly hot!

Oh good god - they're all hot for @jhennyandrade10
Hope you enjoyed the view and make the best of a free thing. I'll try to get these promo contests with free purses up whenever I get them. Good luck and game on bitches!

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